Our club

Welcome to midNight Fever Club!

The best, loudest, craziest parties and the hottest girls are waiting for you and your friends to join the fun! Every night here is one of the kind experience you will never forget. The club offers a high level of entertainment for people who know how to have a good time. You can either dance with your friends and our girls to great party music or lay low enjoying one of our fine drinks in one of the booths. But whatever you choose, you will be more than satisfied. The music is always vibrant and electrifying and when joined by our lightshow it makes for an amazing background for your night’s adventure. The drinks you can buy in our club are made by some of Dubai’s finest bartenders and are guaranteed to be made out of the best ingredients. The booths are spacious and give you all the privacy you might want.

And the girls… wow, the girls!

This is one thing I can’t describe well enough not to make an understatement. You will just have to trust me: when you get a chance to meet them, you will be speechless as well!